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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Brides and grooms looking for fun features to include in their wedding reception entertainment will be hard-pressed to top the amusement and enjoyment a photo booth hire provides. There are some considerations, however, that should be taken into account before a final hire is made. The better rental companies will go above and beyond to ensure couples and their guests have an extraordinary time taking their own whimsical images to remember the big day. When selecting a company to provide a photo booth for your wedding, it can pay to ask these questions before finalising arrangements:Are delivery and setup services provided? – Modern photo booths are rather technologically advanced creations. Brides, grooms and wedding planners should not have to find themselves trying to figure out how to get a booth set up at a reception venue. The best companies for hire handle all the heavy lifting so couples and their guests can simply enjoy the photo booth. What features are included? – Whilst packages may vary in their overall offerings, the better photo booths for hire include outside monitors, touch-screen programming and ample booth space to accommodate fairly large groups of guests at once. Companies that want to ensure guests’ have a tremendous experience will also provide such things as boxes of props for more amusing photographs, unlimited images, Hollywood mirrors complete with lights and other perks to enhance the experience. Will an attendant be made available? – Some photo booth rental companies make sure their clients and their clients’ wedding guests have a wonderful time. They achieve this by making sure an attendant remains at the venue to help guests get the most out of their photo booth experience. From […]

4 Tips to Consider Before Hiring a Curtain Photo Booth in Sydney

Curtain photo booths can enhance almost any event with an entertainment option that is sure to delight guests. From birthday parties and corporate events to wedding receptions, this simple addition can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones. Making the decision to hire a curtain photo booth in Sydney, however, should involve a little research. The best providers go above and beyond to ensure event organisers and their guests enjoy a seamless experience. Here are four tips to consider before hiring a curtain photo booth provider in Sydney:Find out what kind of booth is being offered – Normal photo booths found at shopping centres and other public venues are fun, but curtain photo booth rentals for special events should go beyond the norm. The best providers offer booths that have touch-screen controls, voice timers, outside monitors and personalised live-view functions. Their booths are also likely to be much larger, accommodating up to 18 people at once, for awesome group shots. Be certain delivery and setup are included – Event organisers have enough on their plates without having to worry about curtain photo booth installation. Reputable companies that offer booths for hire take care of delivery, setup and breakdown so organisers don’t have to. Make sure props are available – The whole reason to hire a curtain photo booth in Sydney is to ensure guests have a great time. With that in mind, the best providers make sure to include lots of props party guests can use to make their experience more enjoyable. From bow ties and masks to wigs, the best rental companies deliver them all to encourage event guests to cut loose and have fun. Find out if staffing is included […]

Wedding Photo Booths: Create Lasting Memories

One of the best ways for couples to ensure their wedding guests have a wonderful time is to surprise them with experiences they don’t quite expect. Wedding photo booths create an excellent way to give guests lasting fond memories of the occasion whilst ensuring happy couples enjoy some great enhancements for their photo albums. Wedding photo booths are often made available by companies that specialise in nothing but. These portable units are very much like the booths most people are familiar with from shopping centres, amusement parks and other venues that are visited by lots of people. Unlike these often-stripped-down models, however, wedding photo booth rentals tend to boast many advanced features meant to delight and surprise guests. If it is a couple’s intent to help make sure a wedding day creates not only lasting memories for them, but all their guests, photo booths deliver. Here are just a few of the reasons why:They provide guests with a fun activity – One of the biggest challenges at any wedding reception is coming up with ways to get guests up, moving around, mingling and having a good time. Wedding photo booths achieve this goal by attracting guests of all ages. After all, it’s just plain fun to pose with friends and loved ones inside a photo booth. The best rental companies make sure to take the fun a step beyond the norm by providing props, Hollywood-style mirrors and lots of options for the prints that are produced. They give guests something to take home – Customised candies or candles with the happy couple’s names boldly printed on them are always appreciated by guests. They are, however, likely to be […]

Photo Booth Rentals – Add a Classic Touch to Every Ordinary Event

Making an event an extraordinary experience for all guests can be quite a challenge for party planners. After all, making sure guests have a wonderful time at wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate events or other occasions does require some creative thinking. Photo booth rentals can make achieving the goal a snap. This unexpected addition to an event adds a classic touch that most people are familiar with and have fond memories of from their past. When photo booths are blended into the mix of entertainment, they can take a gathering to a whole new level. Whether a photo booth rental includes a small model or a large curtained unit is leased to accommodate more than a dozen guests at once, this enhancement is sure to delight. Here are just a few of the reasons why so many people flock to photo booths when they’re set up at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations:The nostalgia – Photo booths have been around for a long time. Whilst today’s modern photo booth rentals include dramatically improved features, the basic concept is the same people are likely to remember using in their childhoods at amusement parks, shopping centres and other similar locations. This type of blast-from-the-past is an unexpected surprise for guests at any event. The novelty – Guests at weddings, corporate events and other special occasions generally don’t expect to enjoy hands-on entertainment. Photo booth rentals can turn any celebration into a participatory event meant to ensure all guests have the time of their lives. This is a novelty that delights whilst serving the purpose of getting guests up and mingling. The memories – Photo booth rentals give guests something fun to take home […]

Wedding Photo Booth Hire – Turning Precious Moments into Lasting Memories

You’ve seen them in flicks, movies, Disneyland, at Vegas Casinos, anywhere there is fun happening around – the very loved and in-demand photo booths. Now, on the most special day of your life that is your wedding, you too can have fun with your own photo booth. Yes, absolutely, photo booths are trendy and a very hot item at weddings today. Moreover, this trend is immensely growing as brides look for mediums to make their wedding reception plush with all the fun and frolic. Arranging entertainment for your guests becomes easy and how – just get a photo booth. It is popular, happening, fun and lets the crazy out of the people attending your wedding. Hiring a photo booth for your wedding without a doubt is the best option to do something different from the stereotypical parties and functions. So, let’s check out the importance of photo booth in wedding so that your memories last forever. The biggest advantage in hiring a photo booth for the wedding is that soon after the party you will get an instant photo album with all your memories cherished forever. The good part is, some photo booths offer space that is fit for 4 or 5 (they also come in different shapes and sizes). These aspects become quite enticing for your guests and relatives at your wedding. Another way to treasure precious moments by hiring a wedding photo booth is that they offer a photo-strip guestbook to the guests. By using this, guests will have the memory of your celebration etched in their minds forever and ever. Here, you could hire a photo booth company that will help you print double strips […]

Photo Booth Hire – A Great Way to Record Any Special Occasion

No matter if it’s a birthday party, a wedding celebration or a corporate event, the biggest worry the host of an event faces is how to make that event’s memories unforgettable? And this worry can make people anxious and can make them drill a hole in their pockets, because it’s a general misperception that expensive photographers would help record their event in an adorable way. But what they don’t realise that a photo booth hire would not only be a great way to record the occasion, but also would add an appeal to the event. No matter what your event is, but when you have a photo booth on the location of your event and your guests go behind the curtains, it gives them a chance to get into their comfort zone and pose in full freedom to get snapped. This will not only let you have a unique and treasured record of your event, but also make it fun as the guests would love piling inside and pose naughtily for some clicks. The biggest benefit with them – you don’t have to halt the party and tell everyone to take their positions and pose for the camera. Those pictures are too un-happening. Photo booths, on the other hand, are a much fun way to capture the natural bonding and amusement that exists between a group of friends or colleagues or relatives etc. While in the corporate events, they serve as the perfect icebreakers and lets your guests know each other. With that said, photo booths are indeed an ultimate way to record your event.

Journey of Anatol Marco Josepho, Who Introduced the Photo Booth

Who don’t love these photo booths where you can behave any way and can get the memory captured in the time span of few minutes only? One can get the most beautiful and amazing picture in a blink of an eye. But how many of you know that who invented this magic box and brought it to you. To be honest, even I read about it yesterday only. All those wedding photo booth in Wollongong you are hiring came from the mind of a Siberian immigrant to the USA from Russia, namely, Anatol Marco Josepho, born with the name Anatol Josephewitz.In the year 1925, he invented as well as patented the first automated photo booth and named it “Photomaton”. At the age of 31, he invented one of the best pieces of technology to the world and sold it to Henry Morgenthau, Sr. for about one million dollars for that invention. He died at the age of 86 due to the series of heart strokes. “Photomaton” clicked its first picture in the same year of the invention at 1659 Broadway Street in Manhattan, in New York City. The place is at the heart of the city and thinking on the same lines Anatol brought the magic box there. Through that photo booth, he charged 25 cents for every strip of eight photos which took eight minutes to get developed. By using the name of his photo booth a company was created which helped in spreading more booths all over the country. Guess what, even Franklin D. Roosevelt (former president) was also a member of the board of […]
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Few Prop Quotes for Photo Booth for Hire in Sydney

We tease as well as make fun of our friends who clicks weird selfies everywhere and they act offended by our teasing even when they are feeling opposite of it. They know that we enjoy these memories which are captured in the best possible manner. As we all know that in these Photo booth for hire in Sydney or any other city in the world, you are allowed even sometimes urged to use props while getting your photo clicked. I am a bit notorious in my whole family and a bit high on adrenaline all the times. So I thought of the game where I asked people about suggestions for the prop quotations for the booths and here are we with few of them I hope you will get one for your picture as well.Wife is always right Can I borrow a kiss? Baby, one more time, I know I am hot, but don’t stare. Sorry, I am Taken. I just came for the free I am not fat just a bit more cuddly I like being bald, it’s not an old age problem. If you are bad, baby I am your dad You had me at Audi. I am always right. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk back again?Have you found the one for you? If not, don’t worry I keep making a new one until I found your favourite to pose with in a Photobooth for hire in Sydney or any other part of the world. We can do one more thing, which is easier i.e. you can comment below in the comment section and I can […]
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Reasons to Hire a Photobooth at Your Event

Photobooth was initially considered as a waste of time, but now they have been growingly famous as a place where friends, classmates and couples can gather for a fun time and make every capture a memory of lifetime. Photobooth is being hired in every party and function to let people enjoy making photographs in different styles and props. This fun area is available for people of all ages. The primary goal is to make a beautiful and attractive photobooth over an area and decorate it so that more people can go there for photography. These are popular for producing high resolution and toned photographs at inexpensive price. Photobooth can be hired in different shapes and size. More than seven people can stand in a photobooth with a high-quality camera. These people can be holding different props and accessories. It can be more exciting when people of all ages are willing to make photos with props. These booths are designed according to the type of the event, and photos and videos are made inducing different effects and styles; making every moment special and everlasting. Whether it is a wedding party, birthday party, spring festival, award giving ceremony or annual function, you will call for a photobooth to create a more happening time. Photobooth can be hired at affordable prices with high-quality photo and video making cameras, lights, equipment, and accessories. Sometimes, booth made with cards, paper flowers, glitters, and crab papers looks more enchanting than those made using the costly material. The point which is focused is the money of the client, which must be spent in a productive way. You can hire a photobooth offering low rate with best and unmatchable qualities. Making your event […]

Three Reasons Why is it Important to have a Good Photographer at your Wedding

Wedding is considered to be one of the most beautiful day for both the bride and the groom. It is this day when two hearts tie a knot and make a promise that no matter what they will stand by each other in all the evens and odds of the life. Over many years people have been neglecting the wedding day photo shoot and the album, without even realizing its importance. Yes, nobody looks at it everyday, but when they do, they take you back to the day and bring all the beautiful memories in front of your eyes in seconds. Not everyone are aware of the importance and actual purpose of getting a photo album for their wedding. Remember, the photo album is not there to have a huge number of photos, but to have the ones that matter. Having said this all, you must have now known the importance of a good photographer for your wedding. It is hard to find a good photographer, as not every one of them are capable of capturing the right clicks that express the emotions, and that is the main reason of wedding photography.Love of the parents:This is one of the most valuable and precious reasons for getting a good photographer at the wedding. As we all know, many of the parents are very poor in expressing their love towards their child, but when it comes to his/her wedding day, they are just not able to hide their love and affection for their child. A perfect […]