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Three Reasons a Photo Booth is the Best for Your Wedding Event

Events are often regarded as signs of good omen and great accomplishments. Is it a wedding event, a birthday, a memorial, a baby shower or perhaps house-warming event. It is better celebrated in a grand style than otherwise, and hence, the need for the top-notch event planners, facilities and other necessary equipments that will bring the event to a successful ending.Hiring the services of a photographer is the paramount thing you would not be so swift to forget, since photographers play an eminent role in every event. This is sure, but do you think every photographer or videographer is good enough for your event? This has been a question that a lot of people seems to have been skipping on the long run. which can spontaneously cause a massive negative effect to our events should incase we’re unfortunate to hire the wrong person. There are several ways to know if a photographer is proficient enough to carry you through an event without any flop. Otherwise, hiring a professional photobooth company will not be a bad idea. Top Notch Tools and Equipments: With an upgrade in the quality and number of tools in a photobooth company, there is every reason that the company is in for professional business. Ensuring that a company has advanced photography tools like camera, New Kit Lens, Flash, Diffuser, Flash Transmitter / Sync Lead, New Strap, Tripod Legs, Tripod Head, Remote, Polarizing Filter etc is not a bad idea. It rather encourages you into believing that you are at the right destination. High-end Videography equipments like, a sturdy tripod stand with a pan […]
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Ultimate Photo Booth Props List

There are several prop ideas, but in this article, you will get some prop ideas that will get your mind thinking about what you want to bring to your party for your photo booth. Let’s talk of headgear! There are thousands of things you can bring to a celebration. If you are hosting a holiday party, bring related items. For instance, if you are having a Christmas party, you can bring items such as reindeer antler, headbands, Santa hats, elf hats or even giant candy canes. What about St. Patrick’s Day? You can try out headbands with clovers, green leprechaun hats, and just about anything else you can think of with a green color and wear on your head. Here’s a reliable starting list when you go out looking for headgear! HeadgearClassy Black Top Hat Gotta have the mullet wig (business in front and party in the booth) Princess Crown and Sash (pageant style) Elf Hat with Pointy Ears Viking Helmet Roman Battle Helmet Neon Gangster Hats Straw Hat Leprechaun Hat Foam Gym Headband Sombrero Halo Sailor Hat Metallic Wig Clown Wig and Noses Santa Hat Reindeer Antler HeadbandsThere are so much more to choose from, but this just the beginning. Just think of what you can stick onto your head. You have now had an instant photo booth headgear prop! Use your imagination to the fullest and let your guests create theirs too when they step into your booth.
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Useful Tips To Enhance Your Wedding Experience

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Even if you get married again, no two weddings can ever be the same. As your wedding is so special, it is important that you need to do everything you can to enhance your wedding experience and make the day memorable. Here are some helpful tips that you can use to make yours, even more, interesting. Invite the Most Lively and Happening Group of People You Know No one likes to have a negative person at the wedding who talks about how relationships don’t last.  Instead of being in the doom and gloom, it is contagious after all, try inviting all of the happiest people that you know. This will help to lift the spirits of everyone present on the happy occasion.Hire Help Your family is going to offer you all the help they can concerning themselves with almost every little detail of the wedding, from planning to executing the event to perfection. However, it always creates a chaos, someone is going to suggest one thing and others will completely oppose it. Anyway organizing a wedding is a stressful task and getting involved while listening to everyone is, even more, tiresome. Don’t take their help, instead hire help. You don’t want them to be off, helping on various parts of your wedding while you would rather be enjoying time with them. You also don’t want to have to worry about the quality of various parts of your wedding and a professional helps to alleviate that. Try Something Unique Some people go for the typical […]
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How a Photobooth can Add Flare to Your Christmas Party

After food and drinks the most preferred party accessory in Sydney is a Photobooth. It rarely matters whether it is a wedding celebration, or a corporate get-together; a photobooth is perfect to light up the air with the surrounding tension. What better way to keep these memories preserved than getting clicked while you are having a blast? In such social gatherings, people of all ages come together just to strike a poses and goof around with friends and families.With numerous photobooth props along with the holiday atmosphere results in a creative display of affection which are evident on each of the photo strip below. With some quirky texts to santa hats and beards photobooth props brings a life to each and every image captured.Christmas is a time for spreading joys and forgetting the past foes while making merry with everyone. There are also a lot of traditions associated with our favourite holiday season. We decorate our house with Christmas trees, stocking for gifts, while distributing candy canes to kids and planting poinsettia in the church’s yard. Each of these various traditions have been going on for centuries with each generation passing their own custom and tradition to the next.With us, you just enhance the fun many folds. We are not only famous for bringing the entire family in a single frame but also making your party worth attending. If you have some specially designed Christmas […]
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How Photobooth Added Charm to Julian & Swati’s Wedding

Organizing a wedding is a far more difficult job than preparing yourself to accept the proposal of the love of your life. The entire preparation process begins from the very next day itself. You need to get a lot of things done, accommodating them in your busy schedule. If you consider that as a would be bride, and walking down the aisle wearing a gorgeous white gown is your only worry, then you need to take a reality check. You have to deal with a lot of stress to make sure everything is in perfect order on your wedding day.Dilemma despite a Wedding Planner Even if you hire the best wedding planner, there are a lot of things that you have to deal with personally. Even with their expertize, there is a long list of things that require your attention and no one except you can take care of them. From deciding the music on the day to the decoration of the venue, my wedding planner finalized everything only after my approval. Dress, Cakes and Dance Ughhh!! I soon realized that it does not matter how efficient your wedding planner is, there are things that even they can’t handle. Like the seating arrangement of your guests or choosing your maid of honor. You have to deal with all these difficult situations while preparing for your first dance as a couple and the various food and beverages tasting sessions.My knight in Shining Armour After all the decoration details and food committee meetings are […]
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Creating Your Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and having a grand time with your family. It has to be admitted that the essence of thanksgiving is lost on small kids; grown ups take the family vacation on a different level by taking a sweet nap. However, the excitement of thanksgiving is  incomplete if it is not captured and complemented with a multitude of photo sessions. Here are a few selective thanksgiving photos that are worth mentioning because of their creative usage of props. Also, each photo depicts a thanksgiving story and it’s worth knowing them.The kids look so good when they are given the liberty of expressing themselves with the thanksgiving props. Their innocent faces smiling and celebrating the festive season of thanksgiving which is befittingly captured in this photo.Nothing can beat the happiness that a mother feels when she looks at the happy faces of her children. The above photo of mother and her two children captured in our photobooth with cute thanksgiving props are the perfect display of family having fun during thanksgiving.We came across this wonderful family photo captured in our photobooth and it was too hard for us not to share with all of you. This photograph of family enjoying and sharing cute subtle moment with each other while creatively using thanksgiving props shows the real essence of family time. It brings us joy to share this family photo of thanksgiving with you all as it brings […]
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Cheer Your Bride With a Photobooth at Your Reception

The new thing that is stapled with any Wedding day reception is a Photobooth. You can think of it as a favor to your guest, a way to keep your guests engaged or simply just as a way to get candid pictures of the most memorable day of your life, a Photobooth is a must have item on any wedding day reception. It is one of the most amazing way to keep the memories of the day alive in the form of pictures and video messages from family members and guests present with whom you wished to share your happiness. Instead of wasting tons of money and efforts in designing a photobooth for your wedding day, you can just give us a call and avail our services.Grab a Prop and Strike a PoseTo get that mesmerizing pictures which are way better than the one taken by a traditional photographer, all you need to do is just grab a prop and let the elves in your brain work their magic. The photo strips at the end of the shoot adds a flavor for the day not just for you but for your guests as well. With our photobooth you just need not worry that just a couple or a family will be able to strike a pose together. Our booths are big enough to accommodate your entire college rugby team in […]
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The Importance of Photobooth in Marriage

You can very well understand the hassle you have to deal with, when you are organizing an event be it a small corporate get together or a big wedding feast. In any case, there is a lot of energy, time, and money spent to get it “picture perfect”. You pay a lot of emphasis on the basics like good food, decorations, entertainment, the best design and overall outlook on the scene. However, there is one thing that separates the professionals from the amateurs. That is paying emphasis on the guests in the party. It is not the setting but the people, that makes the event a success. Hiring a photobooth for your wedding celebration takes care of the same. A wedding is something that you plan on doing just once. So whatever you do, the pictures needs to be perfect and should relish some happy memories. You must be wondering why not hire a professional photographer instead of a photobooth? Well, it’s a myth that the pictures taken by a photographer are better than those taken in a photobooth. Secondly the photos taken by a photographer are just a visual prints of the attendants of your wedding. You can hire 1 or 2 photographers at max, and they take a lot of time getting the perfect shot. This not only makes your guests gets bored, but also you will admit it’s no fun. You cannot go and entertain each and every guest […]
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Tips How To Choose The Best Photo Booth Company

A Digital Photo Booth now range among the must-have item if you want your wedding, high school reunions, corporate events to be the talk of the town. No one likes to carry a camera around their necks while everyone wishes to have a memento of the quality time they spend on these social events. Years of hard work and dedication to our customers have made us one of the most sort after photo booth service provider company in the industry. Mentioned-below are a few tips that you should keep in mind when choosing a photo booth company for your event. Do You Know Them? Weddings, school reunions, proms, corporate events, graduation gala they all hold a special place in the participant’s heart. Also, these events happen once in a life-time, also the impression the organizer leave lasts in the memory of each and everyone present. So, for such events there is no scope of any kind of error. So instead of picking up the company that you see first, research about the firm, get to know them. Also, their experience, client review and specialization are crucial parameters on which you should make your pick. Company Reputation? Before finalizing any company check their presence on reputed sites like Eventwire or Weddingwire. You should not mistake to book a firm who is not reviewed and may or may not sustain by the time your event comes. There have been similar cases in the past, and many clients have to knock our doors in the wee hours because their chosen firm ran out of business and closed down. Past Events? Before you make your final deposit check the […]
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Let Your Guests Talking For Months About Your Wedding

The day of your wedding is the most important day of your life. Every girl dreams about this day from her childhood and has a mental picture of what it ought to be like. When you plan for your dream wedding do not forget about a crucial aspect of it. Wedding Photographs. They are a part of your memories and a way to relive the most beautiful day of your life. After the feast when everyone else departs and no one is left there except for you and your better half and the place you vow to be with each other for the rest of your life and even after that (if it is anyway possible). Only the photographs taken on that day stays with you to help you retell the entire event to your children, grandchildren and if possible further generations.It is the day that you look your best. You click selfies with places you go, food you try and people you meet. There is absolutely no need to emphasize on the fact that the day that changes your life for the better needs to be captured and stored in for you. They are the most tangible stuffs that you take home, so it is important to have a lot of photos taken on the day of your wedding. What Do Your Guests Want? This day not only holds a special place in your heart but for your family, your loved ones, guests who put a lot of efforts to be present on your special day. They too want to have a memory of your special day.
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