We tease as well as make fun of our friends who clicks weird selfies everywhere and they act offended by our teasing even when they are feeling opposite of it. They know that we enjoy these memories which are captured in the best possible manner. As we all know that in these Photo booth for hire in Sydney or any other city in the world, you are allowed even sometimes urged to use props while getting your photo clicked. I am a bit notorious in my whole family and a bit high on adrenaline all the times. So I thought of the game where I asked people about suggestions for the prop quotations for the booths and here are we with few of them I hope you will get one for your picture as well.


  • Wife is always right
  • Can I borrow a kiss?
  • Baby, one more time,
  • I know I am hot, but don’t stare.
  • Sorry, I am Taken.
  • I just came for the free
  • I am not fat just a bit more cuddly
  • I like being bald, it’s not an old age problem.
  • If you are bad, baby I am your dad
  • You had me at Audi.
  • I am always right.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk back again?

Have you found the one for you? If not, don’t worry I keep making a new one until I found your favourite to pose with in a Photobooth for hire in Sydney or any other part of the world. We can do one more thing, which is easier i.e. you can comment below in the comment section and I can forward it to the photo booth organisers, they will put it in the prop section for the people sharing same interest like you. Who knows may be your next click at a photo booth will be with the prop of your dreams.