Who don’t love these photo booths where you can behave any way and can get the memory captured in the time span of few minutes only? One can get the most beautiful and amazing picture in a blink of an eye. But how many of you know that who invented this magic box and brought it to you. To be honest, even I read about it yesterday only. All those wedding photo booth in Wollongong you are hiring came from the mind of a Siberian immigrant to the USA from Russia, namely, Anatol Marco Josepho, born with the name Anatol Josephewitz.


In the year 1925, he invented as well as patented the first automated photo booth and named it “Photomaton”. At the age of 31, he invented one of the best pieces of technology to the world and sold it to Henry Morgenthau, Sr. for about one million dollars for that invention. He died at the age of 86 due to the series of heart strokes. “Photomaton” clicked its first picture in the same year of the invention at 1659 Broadway Street in Manhattan, in New York City. The place is at the heart of the city and thinking on the same lines Anatol brought the magic box there.

Through that photo booth, he charged 25 cents for every strip of eight photos which took eight minutes to get developed. By using the name of his photo booth a company was created which helped in spreading more booths all over the country. Guess what, even Franklin D. Roosevelt (former president) was also a member of the board of directors. Now you can easily rent a photo booth in Sydney, but the journey of the photo booth to reach here was long and rough.

Josepho had an interest in photography from early years of his life only and used to click photographs from his brownie camera and started taking courses regarding the same. But during the time of Russian revolution, he fled from his country and went to china, opened a photo studio. Then moved to the USA with the same profile. In mid-20s he started working on his invention as he wanted to do something big in his field and invented the “Photomaton”.