The day of your wedding is the most important day of your life. Every girl dreams about this day from her childhood and has a mental picture of what it ought to be like. When you plan for your dream wedding do not forget about a crucial aspect of it. Wedding Photographs. They are a part of your memories and a way to relive the most beautiful day of your life. After the feast when everyone else departs and no one is left there except for you and your better half and the place you vow to be with each other for the rest of your life and even after that (if it is anyway possible). Only the photographs taken on that day stays with you to help you retell the entire event to your children, grandchildren and if possible further generations.

Wedding PhotoBooth

It is the day that you look your best. You click selfies with places you go, food you try and people you meet. There is absolutely no need to emphasize on the fact that the day that changes your life for the better needs to be captured and stored in for you. They are the most tangible stuffs that you take home, so it is important to have a lot of photos taken on the day of your wedding.

What Do Your Guests Want?

This day not only holds a special place in your heart but for your family, your loved ones, guests who put a lot of efforts to be present on your special day. They too want to have a memory of your special day.

Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

After an open bar or boozing at the weddings, people tend to get out of control and do not realize what they have been up until it is very late and embarrassing.

Being The Best Host!

After all it’s your party and you are the host of the evening with everyone coming and wishing you and congratulating you as if you have conquered the world but still you need to give each and everyone their share of time. This does not leave you with any time for yourself and your better half.

Now What Should You Do?

Tensed! Well, this post is not to make you hyper and panic is not a solution to anything is it? The problem to all the solution is a photo booth. Confused? Let me help you with it.

A Photo Booth Comes With

Double strip photos in black white and sepia prints. This will keep your guest occupied and also they leave with a memoir of the fantastic evening they spend.

With a photo booth, you get a lot of props, so the drunk can actually enjoy, record personal messages and also can upload them on over the Internet almost immediately. This will also serve them as an example not to repeat the same thing in the future while enjoying your party to the fullest. Also, you get a friendly attendant who set up the photo booth and take care of it as well. So, while your guest enjoy around it, you enjoy your dream day like it should be.