How to Look for a Cheap Photo Booth Hire in Newcastle

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Do you love using party photo booths with your family and friends? You are not aloneai??i??everyone loves them! There is something super fun about having your pictures taken while posing with oversized prop glasses and wigs. Weddings and birthday parties now use photo booths as a way of entertaining guests while creating lifelong memories and wonderful souvenirs. Here are tips on how to look for a cheap photo booth hire in Newcastle.

  1. Search for a photo booth hire provider that caters to your location.

If your party or celebration will be held in Newcastle then it is best to hire a photo booth provider in your area for logistics purposes. You wouldnai??i??t want the photo booth to be late for your event. A local provider will also likely be able to provide better prices.

  1. A cheap photo booth hire in Newcastle does not necessarily mean low quality.

You should look for a company that does not compromise the quality of photos even if their rates are affordable. Your event deserves to be immortalised with long-lasting and high-resolution images, after all. Itai??i??s a good idea to look at their samples to be sure. Check the quality of paper used, the clarity of the photos, the resolution, etc. You can also ask them about custom backdrops and what kinds of props they provide.

  1. The booth should be spacious if you have lots of guests.

Some classic photo booths accommodate 6 to 8 people. Other cheap photo booth hires in Newcastle offer spaces that can fit 12 to 18 adults. Ask the provider for added features like optimizing the cameras to take both landscape and portrait photos. It is more fun for guests to pose with family and friends without having to worry about being in the frame or not.

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