Newcastle is the New Destination for Photo Booth Hiring

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In the past, photo booths were something of a novelty that people are quick to dismiss whenever party features are thrown in the air. Today, however, photo booths are mainstays in all kinds of events, providing guests with another fun thing to do as they make the most out of your party—be it a corporate hoopla or a family affair. Newcastle hasn’t escaped the trend, in fact, here and now is the best time to rent a photo booth for your wedding, charity event, school fair, or corporate soiree.

From kiosk style picture booths to open air photo booths, these staple party features are definite must haves for your event. While photo booth services abound in Newcastle, not all of them are created equal, which is why it is important to look for a provider that can bring you the best equipment, customised service packages, and top-notch customer service. Below are things you should look for in a Newcastle photo booth rental:

  • Check for quality reviews. Some important things you should inspect include their equipment quality, lighting, printing capabilities, and speed to deliver. Their equipment should be able to churn out photos instantaneously, so as not to interfere with the flow of your event. Today’s most competitive photo booth packages include the high-end equipment, from cutting edge cameras to custom software programs and printing devices that ensure the highest quality outputs.
  • Request trained on-site technicians. Your photo booth rental service must come with technically skilled attendants to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Your on-site technicians must be knowledgeable and trained in handling all the equipment included in the package, from making adjustments on camera hues and focus to replenishing printer supplies.
  • Look for affordability. One of the best things about a photo booth rental during events is that it offers a cost-effective, fun element to your event. Rentals vary in price, depending on the type of service package you require.

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