People say that receptions are the most interesting and exciting part of wedding. There is no truth in this; Your wedding ceremony can also be as exciting and inventive as possible. But you need to make some efforts to make your wedding day that grandest affair of your life. I personally feel the best way to impress the guests present at your wedding is to engage them in different activities.

So you have no idea regarding what to do, right? Or are you short of ideas? Do not worry, here is a list of creative ideas that can make your special occasion the most memorable day of your life as well as of your guests.

Get ready to impress your guests by throwing a party which they will never forget in their lifetime.

  • Do you think that it is food? Oh, you guessed it right. I am impressed. Food, Food and more Food are and will always be the best way to engage guests. Remember! Not the outdated, simple food that they are having at every random wedding party. But a different variety of food that can keep them satisfied. For this ask your wedding coordinator to place different chef stations and to offer different personalised dishes.

Food at randomParty

  • Now the second. I think this is one such idea which your guest will going to love and adore. And say how great was that wedding! Tattoos are seriously the coolest among all the ideas. They can put one on and take cute and funny pics. Tattoos on a wedding is a great combo.

Tattoos on a wedding

  • Everyone present on the earth has a sweet tooth. And this is one such idea that will impress not only your young guests and their cute little children but also your chief guests: oldies, will also love and cherish this one. A sweet treat which you can offer your friends on your wedding day. This will win hearts, your guests will even forget you and have a blast out on candy stations. Jealous ha? Don’t be so, as your guests will feel get jealous why they did not have a candy station at their wedding.

Sweet Treat

  • Photobooth…….Yes, you heard right the photo booth. They are the ones that every guest of yours including you will LOVE. You yourself have seen photo booths at your friend’s wedding and loved it. Return the favour in grand scale and offer your guest IPhotobooth’s grand photobooths that you can customise as per your want. Your guests have experienced the old items, show them something different at your wedding. Get them involved in it because it spreads not only happiness but also provides hilarious memories that you and your guests will cherish life longs.

Photo Booth

  • No matter how many times you folks have experienced this but, people seriously cannot get enough of the games. Then why not have a game board or pack of cards places around the stations?  You can also try outdoor games if you have an access to an outdoor space such as bocce ball, croquet, etc.

Outdoor Game