Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Sydney: How to Choose the Right One

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Photo booths are the trend nowadays in weddings for the simple reason that they are so much fun. Getting the best photo booth hire in Sydney is like giving your guests a little giftai??i??it allows them to take photos with friends and family and bring them home to cherish forever. But choosing the wrong rental can be a waste of your money. So how do you choose the right Sydney photo booth hire for your wedding?

Big enough for everyone

As the groom and the bride, you probably want to be involved in the action, roll up your sleeves and have fun taking pictures with your guests. But fun group photos are only possible if the photobooth space can accommodate a large group of people. Ask them how many can be in a frame at a time. You want everyone to have room to use crazy props and pose for a nice picture.

Flattering high-resolution photos

You should have a look at the gallery of popular photo booth hires in Sydney. Check if the images that their cameras capture are well-lit and crisp. Some rental providers even offer Hollywood mirrors with lights to create a great ambience for the venue and create great photographs.

Creative props

Notice how photobooth pictures are starting to look the same? Thatai??i??s because some providers keep using the same props. To be different, you want a Sydney photobooth rental that uses unique kinds of masks, party hats, funny oversized glasses, speech bubbles and chalkboard signs, to name a few.

Attendant present

An attendant will urge the people passing by to go inside and have their pictures taken. The attendant is also very useful in times when something goes wrong inside the booth or with the camera.

Video recording

An open-air photo booth hires in Sydney that offers video documentation is also a great choice. Messages can be recorded and later viewed after the wedding

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