360 Video Booth Hire in Sydney For A Superbooth Experience!

Are you looking for a photobooth to wow your guests at the next event? Allow your guests to delve into an immersive photobooth experience with 360 video booth hire in Sydney.

How Do 360 Video Booths Function?

A podium, which is the centrepiece of a 360 video booth, is provided, and a camera rotates and circles the person standing on the podium. Several of the 360 video booths also come with unique lighting setups. Guests need to stand on the podium posing in the 360 video booth for a slow-motion video. After capturing the video, the video will be sent to the guests’ phones.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Are you searching for an excellent 360 video booth hire in Sydney that will blow your mind? If yes, then welcome to iPhotoBOOTH, which has already made a name for itself in the scene. Using the best processing power compared to any other video booth service providers out there, we are here to provide you with the best lifetime experience.

You Can Hire 360 Video Booth In Sydney For…

  • Wedding Event
  • Corporate Events
  • Normal Functions & Events
  • Birthday Functions
  • Brand Launch Events
  • Any Other Engagements

We Are Here To Revolutionize 360 Videobooth Experience Using:

  • Advanced video-shooting technology for maximizing exposure.
  • Our revolutionary 360 video booth allows users to download their videos seamlessly.

Why Must You Opt For 360 Video Booth Hire in Sydney?

Without any exciting activity or unique features, your event might end up becoming bland food without the spices! From kids to adults, everyone loves to click pictures to share them with the rest of the world.

A 360 Video Booth is the best answer for turning any boring event super interesting! Do opt for 360 Video Booth Hire in Sydney and spruce up your special event. Here’s why:

Always Dedicated To Excellence

Our photobooth hiring service in Sydney has been painstakingly designed for creating an unforgettable experience for our clientele as well as their guests. We consistently achieve our goals by keeping our eyes firmly set on the ease and comfort of our clients.

Always The Real Deal

We do not believe in claiming something about our services that we can’t fulfill. You can always check the testimonials of our past customers.

Search 360 Video Booth Hire Near Me & Contact Us

End your search for 360 video booth hire near me with iPhotoBOOTH to avail best of the photo booth and video booth services. If you need to hire a photo booth for your friends or guests, you can always call us for a free quote.

360 Video Booth FAQ:
  • How many people can stand on the platform at once? 4-6 people
  • How much space does the 360 video booth need? 2.5M by 2.5M
  • How will my guests get their videos? We will have an IPad sharing station where your guests will go to after using the video booth and they will be able to share their videos straight away via SMS, Whatsapp, Email, QR Code and/or Social Media
  • Do I need to provide internet or do you guys have your own? We utilise our own internet for all events
  • How will I get all the videos of the event? After the event we will provide you with a link to your event gallery, which you can share with your guests and download all the videos