360 Photo Booth for Hire in Western Sydney

Are you planning to amaze your guests with something that stands out in the event? The right solution is to go for a 360 photo booth for hire in Western Sydney then. Yes, we welcome you to the future of photo booths where you and your guests will get to experience a 360 view of the photos taken with the camera that moves around the subject. The moving images are knit together by modern technology and are then developed as a single video. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, it has to be! All in all, it will surely be a great experience for you and your guests where they can taste the true amalgamation of photos and video.

Your guest(s) will just need to stand on a platform and pose while a camera attached firmly to a beam will rotate around and click numerous photos. This will allow the backend technology to create a mind-blowing slow-mo video. However, as per user preferences, the video playback can also be adjusted.

360 Video Booth for Hire in Western Sydney

Basically, when you are investing in a 360 video booth for hire in Western Sydney, you are putting your money in a photo booth. The only difference is that instead of a single or a couple of photos, you are getting a streamlined video captured by a high-end camera and edited by state-of-the-art backend technology. So, there’s not much of a difference between the two. However, you can rest assured that this type of photo or video booth will be loved by your guests.

Our staff will assist your guests to the podium so that they can make the best poses or do unique things that will make the 360 video fun to watch.

Why Choose Our Western Sydney 360 Photo or Video Booth for Hire?

Choose our Western Sydney 360 photo or video booth for hire since

  • We ensure high-quality 360 videos that guests love
  • The captured videos are social-media ready and will be delivered to your guests on the spot
  • Our professionals will help your guests stand on the podium

So, if you are ready to include the next-gen extravaganza in the event, get in touch with us without delay. Our 360 photo booth demands are always high.

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