Asking These Questions Will Help You to Hire the Best Photo Booth

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Whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party in Newcastle, if you hire a photo booth, it has to run flawlessly. But how can you determine the quality of the service? Well, you can do so by asking a few questions to the company providing the wedding photo booth for hire in Newcastle.

Want to know what they are? Then follow along.

  • Packages that You Offer

Different photo booth service providers offer different packages. Nevertheless, they have to be within your budget. So, you will need to sift their packages and what they are offering before you put your money on them. This will help you to keep everything under budget. Also, when asking about the packages, including the topic of hidden or additional charges since that might raise your costs manifold.

  • Do any Overtime Charges Apply?

Before you invest in the company providing the wedding photo booth rental in Newcastle, you will need to specify the duration for which the service will be provided to you by the company. But, if you exceed the duration, they might start overcharging. So, before hiring ask whether they include overtime charges. If yes, then how much, as it will help you to plan your schedule accordingly.

  • Will You Include Props?

Now, most companies will include props. Then again, it is safer to ask this question beforehand because a few companies can charge extra for the props. However, if that is the case, it’s best to look for another company since the additional costs for the props might add more to your budget.

  • Is Theming Available?

If you are looking towards a wedding photo booth for hire in Newcastle, and you want it to be decorated, ask the company providing the service if they offer theming options. Not many companies offer this and if they do, they might include extra charges. So, asking this question will get you the relevant information.

  • Will there be Supervisors in the Photo Booth?

Supervisors in the photo booth help the guests in getting their photos clicked in an organised manner. Moreover, they ensure the optimised functioning of the booth. So, before hiring it, ask if they will be offering supervisors.

The reason for asking this question is that some companies will send their professionals to set up the booth but they will not monitor the photo booth. After that, before the end of the event, they will arrive at your location to dismantle it again. However, the latter one should be avoided because supervisors help to avert damages caused unintentionally by many guests.

  • Do You Offer Both Enclosed and Open Air Photo Booths?

If you are managing a corporate party, you should ask the company providing the corporate photo booth for hire in Newcastle if they offer both open-air and enclosed booths.

This is because the latter is more conventional while the former is a new style. But if you want an open-air booth, asking this question will provide you with the answer that you have been looking for.

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