How to Choose Photo Booth Packages?

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Photo booths are inseparable features of today’s events – both private and corporate. Thus, when it comes to hiring them, you need to be cautious, so much so that they justify your investment and take the fun and frolics to an altogether new level. Now choosing a photo booth rental package in Sydney like anywhere else is easier said than done. You need to take into account several factors before choosing a package. This will ensure that the photo booth that you choose and its hiring package meet your needs perfectly. Here are the factors that should catch your attention before you make your decision.

The Type

At first, you need to decide on the type of photo booth you should opt for from the photo booth hire company in Sydney. You have either those old-fashioned enclosed box photo booths or the latest open-air photo booths to hire. If space at the venue of your event is inadequate, you can opt for those enclosed box photo booths, and if you have enough space to fiddle with, going for those trendy open-air booths will be wiser. So, you need to first bank on the type of photo booth that the photo booth rental company in Sydney has to offer, vis-à-vis the space that is available at your venue.

The Getup of the Booth and Its Accessories

You need to consider the get-up of the booth. In other words, you must have a look at its look and feel the background, its vibe it propagates, and the scope of celebrations, fun, and frolics it instigates, before giving a nod to it. But they are not all.

A photo booth without its accessories is as good as a candle without light. Thus, having a mere look at the booth merely will not suffice. You need to have a thorough look at the accessories and props that are offered along with, the photo booth rental company in Sydney that you are eyeing. In this way, you will be able to have an idea of how the booth will be able to meet your needs and add vigour and spice to the celebration.

When it comes to considering the accessories, you are supposed to take an account of the props, the lights, and the background and see whether they gel with the look and feel of the event. Also, do not forget to consider the printer and its class and the quality of the printouts they generate.

The Terms and Conditions

Next, you should shift your attention to the terms and conditions of the package offered by the photo booth hire company in Sydney. You must ensure that they are lenient and are conducive to your budget and plans. Consider the total price of the package and mind the inclusions and exclusions. Most of the photo booth hire packages in Sydney do not charge extra for the idle time. Ensure that the one you are eyeing is no different.

And most importantly, ensure that the company has a technician stationed at the venue to help your guests and to assist in case of any snag during the event.

Taking all these into account, iPhotoBOOTH is the best name to put stakes on. Call us at 0422 722 736.

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