How You Can Set Up A Selfie Mirror Photo Booth?

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Are you planning to get married and looking for ways to arrange and complete everything right on time? If yes then you need to think carefully and make the best decisions. Your top priority might be in selecting the best venue, wedding theme, hiring a famous caterer, inviting the guests, beautifully decorating the place, etc. But you also need to think as to how you can make your special day one of the most memorable moments. You should look for ways to entertain the guests so that they can remember your marriage for years to come. While hiring a DJ is a good option but to provide a better and unique experience you can opt for a selfie mirror photo booth rental in Sydney which is the new trend.

Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

Taking a selfie and posting on different social media platforms is what people are doing today. They love posting images and writing captions. When they get likes and comments from their friends, relatives and family members it makes them happy. So there is a great chance that your guests will be taking a selfie on your wedding day with their smartphones. Hence it is better to help them in doing so by opting for a mirror photo booth hire in Sydney. There are many benefits of setting up a selfie photo booth at your wedding and the major one is to entertain the guests.

Step By Step Guide To Build A Mirror Photo Booth

If you want to set up a mirror photo booth on your own then you must follow the steps which are mentioned below. It will help you in making your workload easy. But you must remember that doing so is a stressful and time-consuming job. So you need to have patience.

  • The first thing that you need to do is find the best place where you want to set up the selfie mirror photo booth at your wedding venue. You must select a place which is good enough for it and visible so that your guests can see you have made some special entertainment arrangement for them.
  • To make it more entertaining for your guests, having photo booth props is a good idea that you can go with. You can either buy or make it on your own.
  • Now the most important part is deciding which type of camera you want to keep in the photo booth for your guests. It has been seen that the professionals who offer photo booth rental in Sydney use the latest cameras to capture high-quality pictures. You can decide to go with a polaroid camera so that the guests can take the photo and get it printed instantly. You can also use a webcam or DSLR.
  • Don’t forget to add some lighting to give your photo booth a special touch and feel that can be remembered by your guests for years.

If you can manage the task on your own then you can go ahead but if there is any doubt then hiring the professionals for photo booth service is the decision. By doing so you will save your time and effort.

You can connect with the team of iPhotoBOOTH to book and rent a mirror photo booth for your special day. You just have to let us know the date, time and kind of selfie mirror photo booth rental in Sydney that you are looking for. By hiring us you can be sure of getting the best results and the right value for your investment. So without wasting any more time, connect with us now for further discussion. We will help you professionally, and efficiently and offer a cost-effective service.

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