Things to Look For Before Hiring a Selfie Mirror Photo Booth

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Hiring a selfie mirror photo booth is now considered a good idea since your guests can look at the self on the screen and can take photos in several poses. However, before you hire a booth of this kind in Sydney, you will need to look at certain things which we will discuss here.

If you follow these points, you can get a photo booth that can meet your needs and can save you a lot of money. So, without further ado, let’s see what you need to look for before making the investment.

1) Features of the Mirror Photo Booth

Before putting your money on the selfie mirror photo booth rental in Sydney, you will need to look for the features that are included. For example, if you get features such as changing the backgrounds, adding effects or themes on the photos, you can hire it. But it is always better to ask the service providers regarding the features to make sure your guests can enjoy their photo sessions.

2) Operability of the Photo Booth

The mirror photo booth should be easy to operate. Otherwise, your guests might find it difficult to get their photos clicked. So, while hiring it, ask the service providers about the operability.

Always hire a photo booth that is easier to operate. Moreover, the booth that you hire should have a manual attached inside that your guests can follow to get their pictures clicked and add effects to them.

3) Setting Up the Booth

Before going for the mirror photo booth for hire in Sydney, ask about the time it will take to set up the same.

Quite naturally, the photo booth has to be set up before the event. But if it takes too long to set up the same, it can become problematic. So, make sure that it can be set up before the starting of the event.

4) Photo Booth Supervision

Though the mirror selfie booth is easy to control, supervision is required because if it ever starts malfunctioning during the event, carrying out photo sessions can become problematic. Therefore, before hiring the booth, ask if the service providers will be providing a supervisor. But if the company does not have a provision of providing supervisors, it is best to look for another service provider.

5) Open and Enclosed Options

When it comes to mirror selfie photo booths in Sydney, you need to look for the open and enclosed option depending on the event.
You need to keep in mind the fact that the types of photo booths (open or enclosed) will vary from company to company. So, to get the desired type of photo booth you might have to search a bit.

6) Photo Printing Technology

Today, most photo booths provide digital photos. But if you want physical printouts, you might have to ask the company if they provide the option of physical printouts for your guests.

If this option is available, you can hire the booth.

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