Things You Need To Consider When You Hire an Enclosed Photo Booth

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The world of photo booths has changed a lot. Open Air photo booths are the darling of the crowd now. Even their supremacy is now challenged by the advent of the state of the art mirror photo booths, which come with all those sleek high-tech gadgets. However, this does not mean that the days of those old fashioned boxes or enclosed photo booths are finally gone forever. These photo booths are still there, with the legacy that has survived the test of time, for ages and is still very much pertinent.

However, if you are to hire an enclosed photo booth in Sydney, you need to be extra careful. You need to keep certain points into consideration.

See if the booth can meet your needs!

Indeed so! This is the first and foremost thing that you need to take into consideration. You must have opted to hire an enclosed photobooth for certain reasons (the majority at present would opt for the open-air ones for obvious reasons). Hence, you must see, if those purposes are solved. People opt for these box booths for the following reasons..

  1. If there is a space constraint and an open-air booth will not fit in
  2. If there isn’t sufficient numbers of guests to serve the purpose of hiring an open-air booth
  3. And if, majority of your guests are oldies (the majority of seniors would prefer enclosed booths, as they love to revisit their memories of older days when these box booths reigned in the market).

Thus, you need to see if the booth you are planning to hire will fit in the available space, and live up to your expectations, from the customisation point of view, thus serving the purpose.

See if it can be customised

Any reputed company offer customised photo booth. Thus, you need to know if you can get a fully customised photo booth, which appropriates backdrops that will add to the look and feel of the theme that you have set for the event. Also, know the extent of flexibility the photo booth company in Sydney you are eyeing, is ready to show, to meet your needs and compulsions.

Look for the props & accessories

Do not forget to consider the props and the accessories that are supposed to accompany the booth. Remember, the props and the accessories that include the lights and the printers, the provisions to upload and share the images on social media sites immediately, photo framing options and the likes are some of the standard accessories that will justify your investment.

Look for the reviews

And the reviews are not to be overlooked either. You can go through the testimonials to see what their customers have to say in regards to the service. You can also gather references from the company and talk to them in person to get a firsthand idea of the class of service.

Final words

While these are the primary points to consider, do not forget to consider two last points – the cost fact and whether the package includes a technician who will be stationed with the photo booth and of course, whether the idle time is excluded from the package.

So the next time you are planning to hire an enclosed photo booth, do not forget to eye on iPhotoBOOTH. We are sure we will not disappoint you, as we haven’t disappointed any, so far. Call us at 0422 722 736 for further details.

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