Frequently Asked Questions

Do you drop off the photo booth at the venue?

No we will have a technician who will be stationed with the booth all throughout the event. The techie will ensure everything is running smoothly and fix glitches, if any.

Will you provide props for my guests at the event?

Yes!  We have a wide range of props and other accessories to choose from, for your guests. The type of props we offer will depend upon the genre of event you are hosting.

Does the photo booth generate printouts immediately?

Indeed so! As soon as your guests have their photos clicked, the printouts will be generated immediately.

Is the number of photos that my guests can click during the event limited? be taken during an event?

Certainly not! Your guests can have as many printouts as they can till the rental period does not run out.

How can you add value to the photos?

We can add value to the photos by adding your logo (if it’s a corporate event) your monogram, adding names and messages, decorative frames, and side strips so that they turn into memorabilia.

Can the photo booth be transported to at any venue, even if the event is not on the ground floor?

Yes! The booths are compact and are easily portable. It can be carried though tight hallways and passages, taken on board lifts and escalators, stairs without any hassle. It is pretty lightweight as well. You just have to have an electrical connection nearby.

Is the booth easy to use?

Indeed so! It is a pretty user friendly photo booth. Besides, our techie will help your guests out in case of any trouble.

How do I book as service call?

Just call 0422 722 736 to book he booth over phone or through this website

How long will it take to setup the booth?

Setting up and dismantling the booth takes 15 to 20 minutes by our expert

How many guests can fit in to the booth?

That will depend upon the size of the booth you opt for. Generally, some 15 people can get in to the booth at one time.