Some Innovative Wedding Photo Booth Ideas That Will Leave You Amazed

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Photo Booths have over the years gone through revolutionary changes over the years. And that has left the photo booth hire companies with options to come up with the hiring of highly innovative booths that leave customers utterly satisfied. Take, for instance, iPhotoBOOTH. We would come up with highly innovative wedding photo booths that will take the aesthetic look and feel to an altogether new level. Here on this page, let us discuss some of the most innovative concepts of wedding photo booths that are instant hits.

The Curtain Booth 

As the name suggests, this is one of the most aesthetically rich and visually ecstatic forms of wedding booths that come with a certain background. You will have a steel frame, with an embroidered curtain of a shade of your choice hanging in two parts from it. Divided by a hanging flower pot with some colourful seasonal blooms and the two sides of the curtain tied with the respective frames with floral bands, the ambience is simply rollicking.

Booths with Hanging Props

This is another highly innovative concept of a wedding photo booth that comes with props hanging from the trees. And the most amazing feature of this wedding photo booth that we hire in Sydney is that you need nothing for it. It’s just a few strings and some photo frames that are hung from the trees to create that desired abstract effect.

Faux Framed Walls 

Well, this may appear a bit naïve in appearance and childish in nature, but the concept works in weddings. Just a multicoloured or whiteboard with a weird painting that is enough for some wild interpretation of your imagination is good enough to serve your purpose.

The Polaroid Frame

This is a rather old fashioned form of the wedding photo booth, which represent those bygone days of polaroid photographs. The old fashioned monochrome or coloured background with the old fashioned props adds more innovation to the entire concept.

The most amazing part of the story is that it is possible to add design or text along with the props, using your names, and the date of the wedding. Things can be as innovative as you might wish them to be.

The Speech Bubbles 

This is another extremely popular, though simplistic form of the wedding photo booth. Just a frame and some speech bubbles with interesting texts and fitting colour and getup will be more than enough to add that aura that you might be looking for, at your wedding.

Themed Booth 

Well, this is a pretty straightforward wedding photo booth concept with a plain and conventional theme. And when things come down to conceptualising themes and colours, props and ambience, the sky’s the limit. Thus, choose the colour, the theme and the concept and our wedding photo booth rental service in Sydney will go all the way to meet your aesthetics in a perfect way.

The Retro Van Concept

This is a somehow unconventional way of thinking about the photobooth. Often regarded as the thinking man’s booth, this concept is all about using a retro van as a prop as well as a background while having the photos clicked.

Therefore you see, when you hire us, you get a wide range of new and innovative concepts of wedding photo booths, which will make you feel proud. Call us at 0422 722 736 for further details.

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