Why Should You Hire a 360-Video Booth for Your Event?

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The photobooths in all their forms—box, outdoor, and mirror—are slowly but steadily slipping to the back seat, thanks to the advent of the 360 video booths, which come up with a string of high-tech features. The images snapped by these video booths are not only livelier than the ones snapped by conventional photobooths, but you get to see the live, on-site proceedings of the event right from ‘ground zero’. In other words, even if someone is not present at an event, it will take that individual right into the middle of the proceedings. On this page, let us discuss the reasons why the 360 video booth is gaining immense popularity.

It is Extremely User-friendly

One of the most important reasons for the popularity of the booth is that the device is extremely easy and simple to use. Though when you hire a 360 video booth in Sydney, a qualified technician will be there to assist you with the functionality of the booth, the menu-driven operational instructions will help you use it with ease. Besides, the device is lightweight.

It Creates the Most Fascinating User-generated Content

The 360 photo booths first shot into fame in the middle of the pandemic. That’s because the device helps an individual be ‘virtually present’ at a spot without being physically present. This same concept is applied when it is used in any event. The device comes with cutting-edge technology that will help it generate high-resolution, highly fascinating user-generated photos. This happens due to the fact that the device is equipped with features that augment the clarity of the photos and add value to them to ensure the content generated almost perfectly replicates human vision.

The Content That is Created Can Easily Be Shared

For the majority of our clients, shareability has emerged as a crucial deciding factor. Being able to share their experiences from our 360 photo booth on social media platforms is nothing to be astonished about in a world where people are impacted more by what they see and hear online. Our 360-degree experiences have been optimised for instantaneous sharing, making them suitable for marketing and promotional events, as well as social media influencers looking to amuse their following. So at the end of the day, this is one of the reasons why the 360-degree photo booth is so sought-after when people hire photo booths in Sydney.

The Experience That the 360 Photo Booth Creates is Unrivalled

Last but not least, the user experience provided by the 360 photo booth is second to none in terms of uniqueness. Regardless of the type of event you are organising and hosting, you will always want to provide your visitors with something enjoyable and stimulating to do. Needless to say, these photo booths go a long way towards providing that unique experience to those present physically as well as virtually!

Recall that the goal isn’t simply to have fun; it’s also to create that one-of-a-kind moment and experience that forges a lasting connection with your business by way of a shareable and distinctive memory. So think twice before hiring a 360-degree photo booth from iPhotoBOOTH, as we offer the best 360-degree photo booth rental in and around Sydney. Call us to book our service.

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