The Features that Make Rental Selfie Mirror Photo Booths So Popular

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Photo Booths have been popular since time eternal. However, with the advent of more state of the art interactive technology, these booths have undergone a sea change, and of late high tech selfie mirror photo booths are getting more and more popular, giving the conventional photo booths a tough run for money. Now the question is, what makes these selfie mirror photo booths available in Sydney as any other part of Australia so popular? This can be attributed to astonishing features that these photo booths come up with.

Here is a quick look at the features these high tech booths come up with.

They are interactive: These booths come up with high tech stylish, easy-to-use user interface, which helps the users personalise the traditional photo booth experience through some highly engaging animations and some realistic voice guidance. All these give the users a captivating interactive experience that is really hard to ignore.
These booths are customizable: This is one of the most important features that make these photo booths so popular. The high tech value added features that these booths come up with make them more than 100% customisable. Reputed selfie mirror photo booth rental services in Sydney would offer booths that will help customers design their very own, favourite custom backdrops and photo wraps. They also come up with customised print borders to meet the aesthetic preferences of the users. In short, these booths will help the users create a look that can be as unique as they want it to be.

They are highly entertaining: These selfie mirror photo booths come up with features like photo signing and emoji stamping to make the selfies and other photos as gripping and entertaining as they can be.

And, with unlimited prints and capabilities of instant sharing, these latest state of the art photo booths help you and your guests have an unforgettable experience and real blast at the event!

That is the reason, more and more customers, who are coming to us at iPhotoBOOTH vouch for these selfie mirror photo booths instead of the conventional ones.
What are the value added features of these booths?

These latest photo booths come with a string of value added features, which include:

Emoji Stamping: This feature helps the users to add emojis and props to the photos they have snapped.

Photo Signing: As the name suggests, this feature helps the users to add their signature or personalised texts to the photos and customise them to their heart’s content.

Provision of instant Emailing and texting: For those who would like to send their images instantly to their near and dear ones over emails or texting these booths are the ideal devices. These booths offer the provision of sending the images over mails or texting, instantaneously.

Besides, when the users can enjoy a wide range of some of the most gripping and exhilarating props that will make their day, when they hire mirror photo booths in Sydney or elsewhere.

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